Watercolour Valentine 2

  • Digital Collection


This large, watercolour valentine shows a couple reunited, with Cupid standing nearby. The poem beneath reads: As the Barque o'er the Waters floats proudly and free, So bounds my fond heart, oh! my Lover, to thee As the proud Canvass swells and the Union floats wide, In fancy, I float by my chosen one's side. When the storm has been heard, in its darkness and might; I have pray'd for thee fervently - day and by night, And the love that I bear thee full fondly I see - Has wafter my own Sailor true love to me. Oh! yes may the Union of truth and of love - Like the Jars of the Ocean - right manfully prove; That in peace, or in War, love, there's nothing more true - Than the faithful, the gallant, the honest true blue.