At her house on the pavement 1750

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This a letter from Bath written on July 30 1750 to Miss Noley Tompkins, amusingly addressed 'at her house on the Pavement, Moorfields London' written by Chas Biggs. The postal markings include a faint straight line Bath mark, a Bishop mark dated August 1 and it received a manuscript charge mark for 3d.

The letter has been sealed with an Elk emblem, we are unsure what lineage this may be connected to.

Transcription of the letter follows;

Bath July 30th 1750.



Dr Noley


I returned the favour of yours & in the Settlemt of my Estate, have resolved a point (in case of no Child) to give my Estates by Will after my life & yours to whom I please as yt.  I may make whom I will my & I cannot think wt her means I thought I had settled it by my last letter.

How without going any further w: I hope is sufficient to exclude Pigott. And I think yr. Uncle might get it ingrofsed so farr however in readinefs.  I shall now sett out Wednesday and hope for the pleasure of seeing you Ffryday night.  I am quite revived to hear you are recovered, as for my own part I am grown thin by thinking. Excuse me to yr brother for giving him the last trouble and thus rather it being out of his way, I thank you for yr good wishes & shall come quickly up, I write this at a favour where I have not been a long friend before and is the very reason of my concluding so soon who am wth my service to all real ffds particularly yrself. Yr sincere ffd. & very honorable servt.


Chas. Biggs