Bath Marks on Face and reverse 1777

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Addressed to

Frederick Booth Esq

York Buildings



The entire letter received a very poor straight line BATH mark on the face but a fine one on the reverse, together with a Bishop Mark dated 9 May. The postage is unclear but seems to be manuscript indicated a postal charge of 4d.


Transcriptions follows;

Bath May 6th 1777

Dear Sir


My wife returned on the third day with all the Writtings and should have wrote to you but two days after my wife came, a Gentleman called on me about the purchase of Farmington.  I sent for the particulars which are reported, and Mr Athawes who is in treaty will be a(t) Farmington to view in a few days.  As soon as he makes his report you shall hear from me and proceed to finish what has been so long depending.  Since I saw you have had consultation with Mr. Sharp the surgeon as there appeard great danger from a matter gathering on the ankle bone but all is well.  Our best Compts to you.

Ys sincerely

E Miller.




Note.       Farmington is a small village off the A40 east of Nothleach in Gloucestershire.