Bath to London 1721

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An entire letter addressed to Mr Poyntz at the Lord Townshend's in Albemarle Street, London.The letter was posted in Bath where it received a faint straight line BATH mark and a Bishop date mark of August 23rd. It received a manuscript 4 indicating the 4d postage to be collected on delivery. 

The letter was written on August 1st 1721. Below is literal transcription;

Dear Sr 

I know not by what lucky accident your letter of the 3d was detained from me till after the receipt of your last. I own it would have given me great uneasinefs, if I had not prevented the Operation by taking the antidote beforehand. It would be impertinent to go about to vindicate myself from suspicions wch you own yourself to be groundlefs; and which it is as contrary to your nature to persist in, as, I hope, it is contrary to mine to deserve. I have found it convenient to intermit drinking the waters for three or four days which time I have spent with Mr Herbert at Highclere, and the Captain at Salisbury though the greater part of it has been pass'd upon the Road. I left the Captain in the midst of an Excerise being resolv'd to get hither this Evening, so that you must own I have been very Expeditious in my Motions. I design to revisit the Pump to morrow which I have attended very constantly ever since I have been here, taking this little excursion. My sister shall hear from me next Post. I am Dear Sr


T. Townshend