Glastonbury to Kent 1780

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An entire letter addressed to Gilburt Burton Esq Eltham in Kent. It was posted at Glastonbury where it received a fine two line receiveing house mark and a circular Bishop mark dated February 5th and additionally a time mark at 'Two O'clock' in the afternoon. It appears to have received a manuscript charge mark of 4d indicating the post to be collected on delivery.

The letter appears to have been written at Street on February 2nd 1780 by John Clark, below is a literal transscription;

I send this just to inform my friend Burton that the money (to wit) £40.11.0 is to be paid to his Brother as desired next Monday by Wareing the saleman by Order of Wm Borne of Somerton and should be placed with Account of its being received as also with a receipt for the rent to Michelmas last (O.S) which will finish this affair to that time. About next Midsummer or some little time after I hope I should be able to send up somehow the half year rent that will be due at Lady-day next and hope I shall not be thought by my kind Landlord a bad tennant. I doubt nay I believe there will be many others that will be much worse of(f). At the same time acknowledge there is no occation of Boasting by thy sincere Friend and Obliged tennant.

                                                                                           John Clark

Street 2nd Feb 1780