Mrs George Baillie to son James Baillie 1776

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Entire letter from Mrs George Baillie to son James Baillie at Stamp Office, Edinr, Scotland

Straight Line BATH canceller and Bishop Mark for the date 1 / IU (1st  June)

Postage to be paid manuscript 9 crossed through and replaced by 10 charge (10d.).

Transcriptions follows;

My Dr Jamie                                                                                                   Bath May 30th



                                                                        I came here ffriday last in the Stage Coach wt Menzies, I mean we Sett of on ffriday & got here on Satturday evening, we had a very pleasant journey being the finest Country I ever saw, & I’ve been vastly the better for it.  I Sent next day for Docr: Gusthart to get his advice about using the Watters, wch he gave me and was to drink it twice a day, but not to Bath for a few days So that I’m not to begin that till to Morrow, I really walk very lame wt. the Rhuemtsm in on my Thighs & leg & I proposed to the Docr: to have the Watters pump’d on’t but he Said the going into the Bath was better, for the pumping might make those pains go into my Stomach for he Said it was that Rhu: flying about, that had occasioned the disorder in my Stomach & Spirits, for since the pain Sens’d me outwardly, I’ve had no Uneasinefs in my Stomach or Spirits, & I’m now very well & Chearfull, wch I will do all I can to preserve, for tho’ the pain be troublsome, It’s nothing to inward Uneasinefs, I ‘ve great reason to be thankfull I’m so well, & I hope I’ll not need any long jaunts more except to London where I’ll not stay long, & then to Scotland, if this bathing does not remove the pain I’ll get the Sea bathing at Leith if thought proper.

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I was intending to Stay only 2 weeks, but in case I Shou’d stay a week or two longer, as my Br is not well, I wou’d not like to leave him till he’s better, at his desire.  I wrote to Menzies last night, to See if he cou’d get right Company to go down wt C:M: as soon as she’s able for the journey, I wou’d give any money to have her Safly of(f) my hands to Uncle John, She has been a troublesome Bargain to me, & She’s has been long enough at Londn So that if Menz: does not get proper Company to go wt her, I’ll be oblig’d to go my Self.  I did give her the offer to come here wt me, but she refused it, wch I was happy as She Said She cou’d not Venture on So long a journey, in case She got more cold, but She has got a Lover at Lond wch is the bait, Bob Spotiswood, whither he intends Marriage or not I can’t tell but he’s always wt her & a very forward odd Behaviour they have. Menz: wrot me She & the Mifs Browns staid at Londn 3 days after I came away, tho’ her Docr  desir’d her to go to the Country So on Monday evening a little before Menz: return’d from this, She and the Browns went out to Camberwell, & I belive they’ll go to Hampstead Soon, & Stay in their Uncles House while I am here, I hope Mrs Bertm did not intend coming to Londn upon my Acct to jaunt about wt me, if She did I’m much oblig’d to her , but will not put her to that trouble, but if She be coming at any rate, I’ll be glad She comes before I go and & will be happy if I can be of any use to her or Mally.  I think Jack shou’d be up Soon, as I heard Thomson Spotiswood Say that he did not chuse him to be long in Scotland. He’s just now in ffrance & has been for some weeks upon Bufsinefs.  I thought Lady

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Lockhart & her Daurs was to up, but you don’t Mention it.  I hope Betty’s Eyes are better, writ me if She has given the peice Cloth to the bleatching & what Peggy & She is doing now.  I’m Sorry to hear poor Willie Bertm  is So bad, but as I‘ve heard often of late of his being bad & then getting better I wou’d fair hope He’ll get over this, if he do not I heartly Sympathise wt his Papa & Mama, & I fear it will be hard on Nelly as She was fond on him.  You’ve not wrot me of late how She is.  I like this place very well, much better than Londn we have very good Society, we Lodge & eat in a very good discreet Women’s House where my Br used to board & we have a very large Company at Dinner & Supper all boarders my Br has a Parlour where we breakfast by ourselves & Sitts in when we’re at Home, & we See all the Company in the Pump Room in the Morning & hears Musick, (torn).

Comsn Brown and his Lady is here just now we saw them in the Pump Room & we had a Visit of him this Morning.  I was yes’day Seeing Lady Ann Dusign, She looks very well & took my Visit very kind & made me promise to come & Chatt wt her a day.  I called for Mrs Lockhart Carnwarth but it Seems She’s in Scotland.  I’ve been at one Assembly & a Play, & what wt walking a little about I pafs the time very Agreeably, I don’t mind anymore just now, as I’ve given you a long le’ter I’ll expect a return from you Soon.  I saw Willie Gibson 2 or 3 times at Londn if he were not gone he wou’d do very well for one to go wt C:M: but I hope Menzie will mind to get a right Company in case He’s gone. My kind Compts to all inquiring ffriends I am

                                    My Dr Jamie

                                                Your Affect: Mother

                                                            E: Baillie

      Direct for me at Mrs Haywards

            West Gate


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Menzies is rather better but I don’t think him just well yet, but he has promised to Ride every day wch I hope will be of Service to him, & now his mind will be more at ease as I’m better, & got free of that Conseited fool.  



Key to some Abbreviations used:

Menz:  colon used for short form of Menzies, etc.

Br = Brother, Daurs = Daughters, C:M: = unknown

Dr = Dear, Docr: =Doctor, Bertm = possibly Bertram

Londn  London

w=with,  wch=  which, tho’ = although

ff = F in France, Friends, Mifs = Miss

cou’d = could, wou’d =would, shou’d = should

oblig’d = obliged, return’d = returned, etc.

Compts  = Compliments

Rhuemtsm = Rheumatism