Rules of Beau Nash c.1730

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The orders of his Excellency R_______ N________ Esq, Governor

General of the Diversions at Bath.


Some come here for pleasure and others for health

Some come here to squander and some to get wealth

To those all our Subjects here merrily meeting

we Governor N______ do send out our Greeting.

Whereas it to us has been fully made Known

Some queer folks presume to have wills of their own

And think when they come to such places as thefe

They’ve unlimited Lineage to do as they please

Whence frequent disorders do daily arise

To prevent such abuses what e’re in us lyes

We publish these rules considered at Leisure

And expect due observance for such is our pleasure.

When you first come to Bath in whatever condition

Whether Sick or in health, you must have a Physitian

As they’ll equally take inordinate fees

You’re at your own liberty, Chuse whom you please

The Doctor will find there is absolute need .

That friend Jerry Pierce must be sent for to bleed

Next some drops or some pills prepared with our care

To prevent all Infection from water or air

Then drink at the Pump or bathe without feare

When you first Sally out there are different rales

At Hay’s or Lovelace’s money for Bales

As nothing in this world is done without Bribe

Leaks, Linnott, or Morgan Expect you’ll Subscribe

When this part is over then live at your Ease

Game, drink or fornicate just as you please

When your money is spent march of(f) without trouble

Secure, who comes next will be just the same Bubble.   


R Nash

Congrieve Papers