Trumpeter at the Assizes 1749

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Addressed to

Thos. Winstone Esqr Sheriff






This entire Letter is annotated X Post and on posting received a two line CIREN / CESTER



Honrd Sr

Being Advized by Mr Pitt County Clark, I have send you these lines to Offer my Service to Attend on you at Next Asizefs with my Trumpet as I have Don for Forty Seven past and have not mist one ect this Last the fault did not Ly in me for I sent to Mr Robins to know if he was Willing for me and Pardner to waite on you as Customry and he’d send me Word to the contrary and I whent to Gl;ouceter as Usley on the Day of the Afizes with my Trumpett to attend theron but found a Lad imposed in my place which ACasned A Wonder by the Gentlemen of the County knowning that I was as well and as (able ) to Serve as Ever Therfore if your Honr please I (could)come and waitte on you from your House in Gloucester as I did upon Sr Abraham Elton (and) Sr Robert  Cann and if you please to give me aney Livery Twills come or Go where you shall order to be Mishered and am your most

Humble Servt

John Clift


May 19th


P.S. We have served two of your Familey all Reddey

               your Father  and Esqr Haywards